The Perkins’ Carriage House, a.k.a. The Yellow Barn

Book sales moving into the Library for the Winter

 As on October 21 at 1:45 pm the Yellow Barn will no longer receive any used books.

 The Yellow Barn is closing for book sales at 2pm on October 28.

The Yellow Barn South (in the library) will be open all year.  Patrons may browse this collection, which will be  updated regularly.

Buying “Yellow Barn” books will ensure the Friend’s continued support of library programs enjoyed by so many patrons.

The Yellow Barn will close for the season.
Donation bins are closed in the winter.

The Riverhead Free Library now sits upon the land that was originally the home of one of the prominent Riverhead families.  The Perkins family already had a rich tradition of supporting Riverhead’s many civic causes when the last two residents of the 330 Court Street property donated their homestead to be the site of the new library.  (The library was chartered some fifty years earlier but never had a facility of its own.)

The house could not be used for public access and was demolished.  Fortunately, the yellow building that served as a carriage house and then as a garage was saved.  As was the custom, the carriage house was built in the same style as the Perkins family house.  The workmanship and detail found in all aspects of this structure mirror those of the main house; the carriage house gives us insight into the style of the most prominent Victorian homes found within Riverhead’s borders.

The carriage house underwent several transformations and restorations.  Changes in tastes, transportation, and culture were responsible for the carriage house to be dubbed “The Yellow Barn.”  An important icon of the Riverhead Free Library, the Yellow Barn appears on official library stationary and on The Friends’ letterhead.  Children’s programs were once held on its steps, and outdoor concerts were staged on its patio.  The importance of the Yellow Barn to the Library’s heritage cannot be underestimated.  We are truly privileged to have such a historical structure as part of the library.

The Yellow Barn was first restored by The Friends in 1965, and after a small fire in 1995 was restored a second time. In June of 1998 the Yellow Barn was relocated some twenty-five feet from its former location.  This move was made because the impending library construction required it.   One of the benefits of this relocation was that the structure was turned 90 degrees so that the front faces the parking lot rather than the rear of the library. The architectural and stylistic features now are more prominently displayed.  The view from the Children’s Room is terrific.

Before the dedication of the expanded and renovated library took place, the Yellow Barn received yet another touch-up.  Jeff Hallock, a local carpenter specializing in restoration of old structures, made minor repairs to problems created by the move and gave the Barn a new paint job.  Judy Jacunski, a local landscape designer, used monies supplied by The Friends to create a garden environment which the Yellow Barn proudly oversees.

Book Sale & Donations

The Friends’ Book Sale is held in the Yellow Barn on various days during the spring, summer and fall seasons. Please contact the Library at (631) 727-3228 for more information. If you have books that you wish to donate while the Yellow Barn is in season, you may drop them into the yellow book drops located near the Yellow Barn or bring them into the Library. Thank you for thinking of us with your donations. We appreciate your support.  Contact the volunteers who staff the Yellow Barn at