Travel Club

We love to experience new places and cultures.  The Friends’ travel club shares travel experiences of its members to all over the world.  Tips on the best sources to arrange trips, where to get the best prices and places to visit when going to the destinations are just some of the interesting bits of information you will benefit from.  Many presenters bring souvenirs, maps and a “taste” of the place where they vacationed.  So if you love traveling or merely want to vicariously experience what it is like to travel to new and exotic places come join us for an exciting evening with friends.


Date? 2019
A musical adventure of the South from Austin, TX;, Memphis and Nashville TN; to Asheville, NC.  Enjoy a music filled video presentation presented by Rick Polansky starting in Austin at the Texas State Capitol, and ending the video with a tour of the beautiful Biltmore Estate in Asheville with many beautiful sites such as the Grand Old Oprey in between!
Date? 2019
    “Japan From a Five Year Perspective”
               Presenter:  Japan-Emily Rhose Eisemann
Emily Eisemann will share a presentation on Japan based on her experiences living there for five years. This will be an enhanced sharing of her unique perspective that was presented in December