Travel Club

If you would like to share one of your trips with Travel Club members, contact

We trust you are doing well hunkered down and safe from the pandemic.  The main purpose of the Friends is to serve the needs of the library and its community of people.  The Travel and Photo Clubs have gained popularity over the years and now we are pleased to give you a moment’s taste of what the Travel Club is all about.

Once a month, on the first Thursday, September through June, members share their travel experiences with all who attend.  There have been as many as 70 participants at our meetings and presentations range from showing picture albums to power point presentations.  A few have actually put together presentations that include video and music.  The point is all forms of presentation are welcome as are the tips and experiences about the place visited.  All are welcome and there is help available from the Library staff for those who would like to make images from their phone or camera’s memory card a power point presentation.  To reserve a month just contact Ron Ondrovic at, and we will find a month that will work for you.

As a special treat and taste of what you might see, and to give all of us who are shut down in our homes and looking for a distraction to the new routines we are forced to endure, the Friends have posted two popular presentations from past meetings.  One is a trip to the Galapagos Islands and the other a rafting trip down the San Juan River in Utah.  You can see them on YouTube at  We hope you enjoy seeing these and have a taste of what we are about.  

Anyone wanting to post their presentation on our ‘network’, contact Ron Ondrovic at We will provide the requirements to do this.  Once again, thank you for supporting the Firends and for looking at our network.

We love to experience new places and cultures.  The Friends’ travel club shares travel experiences of its members to all over the world.  Tips on the best sources to arrange trips, where to get the best prices and places to visit when going to the destinations are just some of the interesting bits of information you will benefit from.  Many presenters bring souvenirs, maps and a “taste” of the place where they vacationed.  So if you love traveling or merely want to vicariously experience what it is like to travel to new and exotic places come join us for an exciting evening with friends.

The  Friends Travel Club presentations  are usually scheduled for the first Thursday of the month from 7:00-8:30PM.